April 2013

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April 2013

Posted by david on February 28, 2014

April 18, 2013

Dear Friends,

Greetings!  Trust that this update finds all of you enjoying the Lord’s gracious presence in your lives and growing in Him each day.  We can certainly testify to His amazing love and grace operating all around us here in southern Mexico.  It is a great privilege to be able to be a part of what God is doing here, and we want to share with you some of what has been happening the last few months.

I tried writing a running narrative of the visitors who have come and their activities in these months, but it became too long to think anyone would want to read it all!  So, we want to recognize the visitors listed below who have come recently for the work of the clinic and thank each one of you for the impact you have made by coming and sharing your talents, abilities, resources, and most of all, for giving of yourself to the people of Oaxaca.  We will then report on some of the highlights of this time. 


Dr. Doug and Tammy Holte from Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Baptist University Nursing Team led by Prof. Martha Hernandez and Prof. Dawn Westbrook

Lisa and Mike Davis from Tulsa, OK

Drs. Bernard and John Shipp and Alberto Albarracin from Corinth, MS

Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness from Honeyoye Falls, NY

Berta Guild from Ithaca, NY

Jolynne Myers from Perry, KS

Dr. Tom Ball and family from Leroy, NY

Interns –

Aubrie Dolliver – Kansas City, Kansas

Lee Veldkamp -- Wisconsin

Katie Donahue -- Rochester, NY

Lauren Escobedo – Houston, TX


Alan and Pam Buster and group and Roger Burdick from Kansas

Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness, Berta Guild, and Jolynne Myers --   We need to thank so many people for their help and strong support in the clinic over the last few months.  We have been tremendously blessed, as we are for approximately 3 months each year, by the visit of Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness and Bertha Guild.  Words cannot express how much we value the participation of the Ness’s and Bertha in the ministry here.  They are a strong help in the patient care here at the clinic and in the villages, and the Ness’s also help us greatly with planning and administrative details and head up the fund raising for the clinic expansion.  Thank you, Drs. Dave and Mary Kay and Bertha!

We also cannot say enough about the amazing contribution of Jolynne Myers to the work of the Community Health School over the last couple of years.  Jolynne, a nurse practitioner, has been the primary person responsible for getting the Community Health Workers’ training program planned and implemented this past year, now going into our second year.  We give many thanks to Jolynne for her hours and hours of work getting the curriculum prepared and teaching in the program.  She, along with Drs. Dave and Mary Kay, Dr. Eder, and Laura, has taught the curriculum and supervised the students in their clinical work.


Jolynne Myers, Bertha Guild, Katie Donahue, Nelly (Eder and Paulina’s little girl), Laura and Dave Nelson, Drs.Mary Kay and Dave Ness, and Dr. Eder Matus with his wife Paulina and baby Sebastian, in front of “Maria’s Tacos”, a favorite meeting place.


Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness, Bertha, and Jolynne arrived at the border with a trailer full of donated supplies, much from Elim Bible Institute of Lima, NY, that the Ness’s had gathered over the past year – an amazing amount of supplies for which they had arduously worked to gather all the information needed to obtain a permit for crossing the border.  They never dreamed that the goods would have to remain stored at the border the whole time they were in Mexico before finally being granted permission to bring them in. 

The saga is too long to give all the details, but in brief, Dr. Eder worked many hours coordinating with government officials.  Then the Ness’s, Bertha, Jolynne, Dr. Eder and Paulina transferred all the donated supplies into two trucks at the border, and after being searched and questioned and sent to different offices and bridges from 9 am until 7:30 pm the day they crossed the border, Dr. Eder and Paulina were allowed to bring in all the supplies (they only lost a few syringes of saline solution) and to begin the 26 hour drive back to Roca Blanca.

Praise the Lord, all the valiant efforts paid off, and we are now blessed with amazing teaching helps for the school, microscopes, wheelchairs, a chiropractic table, and many other supplies.


This is part of all that was brought, now in our living room since there's no more room in the Clinic after sorting in the other donated items. More reason for expanding the Clinic!

Also many thanks to Aubrie Dolliver, RN,  Lee Veldkamp, Katie Donahue, and Lauren Escobedo, RN, all of whom have come as interns from a week to 8 months, to both learn and serve in medical missions here.  It has been a joy and a great help to have you all here.


Lee Veldkamp, biomedical engineering student and clinic intern, making balloon figures for the kids in Yutatuyaa.  Fun for all!

Roca Blanca Spanish School

Dave has had a big group this past session in the Spanish School.  He had 21 students enrolled, a few of those for a partial session.  A number of our clinic interns, and even a couple of our physicians, decided while here to enroll in a session or two of classes to improve their Spanish, and that has worked really well.  They study in the mornings and come to work in the clinic in the afternoon.  A great way to put their Spanish to use!


Aubrie Dolliver with Susie Krehbiel, both Level 4 Spanish School students who just graduated!  Aubrie has also been helping us in the clinic for the last 8 months, a tremendous help!


Festival Victoria, held Dec. 26 th– 28th this year, was a joyful time of reunion of many believers from our churches along with others from communities in our area and in other parts of the state.  We are very grateful to Dr. Doug Holte and his wife Tammy who came alongside to help in the medical clinic then and also on a trip to Ixtayutla on Jan. 2nd– 5th.  It was great to have them with us again.  On this trip, we saw 210 patients and there were 7 salvations.


Festival Victoria, Dec. 26th – 28th, 2012

Dec. 29 – Jan. 9th - Oklahoma Baptist University sent a team of nursing students led by Prof. Martha Hernandez and Prof. Dawn Westbrook.  They participated in the trip to Ixtayutla.  Below, two of the students are doing health teaching in a village.


Jonathan and Brandy, OBU nursing students, doing teaching on oral hygiene in El Mosco.

Community Health classes started on Jan. 9th with two students, Wendy and Elvia.  They are here 2 ½ days each week training to go back into their villages to offer preventive health teaching and orientation and basic medical care for their church members, neighbors, and community members for when there are no physicians nearby.


Wendy, Elvia, and Laura doing a health teaching in a village.

Ralph and Ann Classen were with us Jan. 31st – Feb. 27th.  Many thanks to both of you, Raph and Ann.  The projects they helped with were varied this year.  Ralph gave consults to patients in the base clinic and in several villages, Ann devoted much of her time to starting a vegetable garden for us behind our new house (and found time to bless us with some of her delicious cinnamon rolls and other delicacies), Ralph’s carpentry skills provided a beautiful wooden railing for our stairs in the clinic which has been a safety hazard for years, and both of them taught different subjects to the community health students and staff, including CPR.  It was a full month!  We are happy to report that we are now harvesting lettuce, arugula, kale, and swiss chard, and are beginning to get a few squash and a few green beans from our little garden! 


Ann and Laura beside the garden Ann planted for us in our back yard.


Ralph Classen and Jolynne Myers with student Elvia practicing CPR.

Jan. 16th – 19th - Eye surgeries in Cintalapa, Chiapas with Drs. Bernard and John Shipp and Alberto Albarracin coordinating with the clinic “Peña de Horeb” in Chiapas and Dr. Tom Robinson from Louisiana.  We took 16 patients from our area for cataract surgeries out of approximately 100 surgeries done.  There were 6 persons who prayed to receive Christ among the group of patients and family members that we took during the week because Bro. Jesús, our evangelist for the clinic, spent time with the patients and their families and shared with them as they waited and as they recovered.


Drs. Bernard and John Shipp and Alberto Albarracin in the operating room in Cintalapa, Chiapas.

Feb. 4th – 5th - Medical clinic and Spanish School outreach in Yutatuyaa, a small Mixteco village.  The Spanish School ministered to many children with songs, Bible stories, and activities, and in the clinic there were 107 patients seen and 51 persons who prayed to receive Christ.


Irma Moya Rios, a teacher in the Spanish School, working with children in Yutatuyaa.

Feb. 16th – Clinic outreach alongside Children’s Campaign and food distribution in Atoyac, another Mixteco village, alongside Alan and Pam Buster’s group and Roger Burdick from Kansas.  There were 48 patients seen and 21 salvations.  Food was distributed to many needy families by the group.


John Blando from Kansas helping with food distribution in Yucucha, a small Mixteco village.

Feb. 22nd – Clinic outreach in Pueblo Nuevo.  There were 90 patients seen and 44 salvations.

March 1st and 2nd -- Women’s Conference under Gina Gaxiola de Vilchi’s leadership along with Mariaelena and Don Steiner, Pam Mickler, and Janet Lay.  Laura was able to enjoy getting in on some of the sessions and was greatly blessed by the time of sitting under the Word and receiving from these anointed women of God.  Approximately 500 women were in attendance.

Ixtayutla/El Mosco trip March 9th – 12th – Good time of clinic outreach in El Mosco and Ixtayutla, towns in the high Mixteco region.  We were able to be in their regular Sunday church service with them and Bro. Jesus, our evangelist, ministered the Word.  There was a very sweet time of ministry and praying for the church leaders at the end of the service.   We saw 184 patients in the 2 days and there were 13 salvations.

Juquila, April 12th – 13th – We held a Medical and Spanish School outreach in the jail of Juquila and were able to provide medical and dental care for 106 of the men there, and saw 36 of them pray to receive Christ and 11 pray for reconciliation.  There were also 2 men with visual problems whose sight cleared when they received prayer, and several other healings were reported.  Praise the Lord!

Prayer requests:

1)  Financial needs of the clinic and the missions base to be met.  In the clinic, we have been below budget for some months now and it is critical that we increase our support base.  Please pray with us about this.

2)  Visits of several groups in June, and July – for God’s guidance and wisdom in the planning of these outreaches to best utilize the giftings of these groups to bless the churches and the people here, to meet medical needs, and also to reach out to new areas.

3)  For the clinic expansion – we are finalizing plans for the construction and plan to begin the foundation in about 2 weeks.  Funds have been raised for the foundation, then we will pause until funds are raised for the next phase.

4)  For Pastor Carmela, the single lady pastor who works in the Ixtayutla region, an isolated mountain area.  She has been working there for about 8 years and has churches started in 2 villages and home groups in several other villages.  She needs God’s protection in the midst of many dangers there.

Many thanks to each of you for your faithfulness in supporting us through your prayers and your gifts!  We are grateful!

In His Love,

Dave and Laura


Dave and Laura at a local bakery getting some internet work done.  We hope to soon have internet at our house!


One of the things Dave does in his “spare time” is fixing guitars for Bible and Music School students.  He’s enjoying having a work space in our storage room now!