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August 2017

Posted by david on August 19, 2017


We are finally checking in again.  Sorry for the long delay.  Things stay really busy here, and we end up being negligent in reporting in.  Forgive us!

This past year has been a year of transition and many changes in the clinic.  Last year was a full year with 6,941 patients seen in the clinic.  This included medical, dental, and eye patients.  There were 1,526 persons who made a decision to open their hearts to Christ during the year.  These patients are channeled in to local pastors in the villages where we hold the outreaches (or a nearby village if there is no church there).  There were 22 villages covered in medical brigades.

We are enjoying working in the first floor of the new medical expansion, and have almost completed the second floor.

new clinic.JPG

Dr. Eder and Paulina helped us finish out the team season this year, and then moved to Puerto Escondido in June and will be working there and taking care of Eder's mother who has had some serious health problems recently.  We are very grateful to Eder and Paulina for their years of service to the clinic and the Spanish School and their many contributions.  They will be missed!

Eder and Paulina 2014.jpg

One of two New Life Fellowship teams that came this June and were a tremendous blessing. – a wonderful week of service in the Juquila area!  Dr. Eder (top left) was with us for this team as well as his daughter Nelly (bottom right).

Juquila team.JPG

The van is our new 15 passenger van that the New Life Church generously donated the funds to enable us to purchase!  What a blessing it is for village trips and working with teams!  Many thanks for the New Life Fellowship Church in Houston!!!

Clinic van.JPG

Along with New Life Fellowship, we also hosted Chico State California nursing students led by Fay Mitchell ; Oklahoma Baptist University nursing students led by Dawn Westbrook;  Oral Roberts University leadership student and spring break team led by Troy Sledge; Elim Fellowship Church team led by Hayden and Esther Bennett; Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness, Berta Guild, and Ralph and Ann Classen (all of whom are more staff than visitors); the In His Image Family Practice team led by Dr. Ambria Harris; the Seoul Baptist Church team led by Drs. Jin and Yang Park; two teams from New Life Fellowship led by Dr. Eric Lindsey and Ricky Castillo; an eye campaign led by Dr. Bridgette and Jordan Anderson; and several visits by Dr. Belen Cruz who is a local ophthalmologist.

clothing distribution Esther Bennett Amy Crawford.JPG

Dr. Belen has been providing consults and free surgeries for those she is able to help and referring others to other eye campaigns. Dr. Bridgette and Jordan brought hundreds of eyeglasses with which they blessed many of their patients, and were also able to refer some of their patients on to other campaigns.  We appreciate so much all the investment of time, talent, and resources by each of these groups and the tremendous blessing you have been to the people of southern Mexico!

Dr Belen Cruz.JPG

Dr. Enver Velasco is now serving as the covering physician for the Corban Clinic on the mission base as of July.  There have been increased trips up to the El Mosco clinic by Dr. Enver and his wife Karen taking small teams up to work out of the clinic there for a few days at a time. One of our ORU nursing students, Rowan, planned a project for one of the Ixtayutla towns, Yucuyaa, this past February educating them on how to begin a community garden.  There are still water shortages in Yucuyaa, but thankfully a few more wells have been opened up, and one of those wells is on the property where the community garden is being planned.  Food shortage is a big problem in this village, so receiving some fruits and vegetables from the garden would be a big help to the community.

Enver Tetepelcingo.JPG

Dra. Daniela Cristobal from nearby Puerto Escondido is also volunteering at the Clinic a few days each week, and is a tremendous blessing!

Dr Daniela Cristobal.JPG

Dr. Mary Kay Ness, Pastor Carmela, ORU Nursing Student Rowan, and the home owner in front of the well that will give water to the community garden.

Mary Kay Rowan Carmela.JPG

Rowan Opheim, ORU Student nurse (now graduated as of May), Ralph Classen, and Pastor Miguel of El Mosco in the clinic there.

Rowan Ralph Miguel.jpg

Rowan with a patient on a home visit. Eldercare is virtually unknown in our area, and so we do what we can to help the families and their suffering elderly.

Rowan with patient.JPG

Besides Rowan Opheim, who did her 3 week leadership course here at the clinic in January and February, we have had several other interns in recent months. Caleb Shin and Lisa Yun, medical students from New Life Fellowship in Houston, Texas, were with us from January through May; Bethany Dreyer, a nursing student from Lima, New York, was with us in May and June; Emily Paszko from Lima, New York was a dental intern in June; and Dr. Caleb Choe from New Life Fellowship in Houston, Texas, a pediatric resident, was with us for a month in June/July.  Each of these interns was a tremendous blessing to us!  We hated to see them leave when their time was completed!  The internship program brings us young, energetic helpers who bring us fresh ideas and whom we love to have on our teams, and the interns have the opportunity to learn more about medicine in a missions setting.  We are grateful to all of you who came and served with us this year!

Bethany Dryer with In His Image team.JPG

Caleb Shin y Lia Yun.JPG

Dr Caleb Choe Jafet Martinez.JPG

Emily Paszko Abby Schneider Mimi Meli.JPG

Following is a testimony of a family whom we met a few years ago, and in whose lives we have seen God work in tremendous ways.

There is a family we have been privileged to have contact with over the last few years and to see God work some amazing things in and through them.  Our introduction to this family was approximately 4 years ago while the father, Oscar, was in jail.  We occasionally visit a prison in the town of Juquila.  The prison is very open inside, and they allow the inmates to all gather on a basketball court inside the prison, and we set up cubicles and a pharmacy to give consults and to pray for the inmates.  One of the inmates was Oscar, and his wife, Anabel, was there visiting him.  Anabel was devoted to selling things made inside the prison to visitors or in the local town in order to have money for herself and her children to live on.  The prisoners make hammocks and wall plaques out of wood and similar things to sell.  Anabel visited our group where we were staying and sold things to the group, and she and one of the children accepted Christ at that time.  Some of the group members really loved on her children and reached out to them, and the family responded.  However, the father, Oscar, was not saved yet.

About 2 ½ years ago, Oscar was released from jail and moved to Puerto Escondido.  There, God began to deal with him, and he has now been radically saved.  He has been discipled under a missionary in Puerto.  He and his wife got baptized and began working under the missionary there, and now have a ministry of visiting the local hospital and praying for the sick, and God has saved and healed a number of people through their ministry, and they are very committed to following up with those people.

Their son, Garin, is 18 years of age, and was able to study Bible School through the generous offerings of a local Bible Study group.  He graduated and has plans to study the second year of Bible School this coming year. He and his family do have financial needs if anyone would feel led to sow specifically to him and his family.

This is a picture of Garin (in front of Dave and Laura), Ronne and Sherry Jones (the missionaries who are pastoring this family), and Garin’s parents on your right with his younger sister and brother in front.  This was the day of Garin’s graduation from first year to second year of Bible School – a joyful event!

Garin and family.jpg

In the Spanish School, Dave had a very large class this past September and had to build an expansion on to the Spanish School, which he had been thinking of doing for some time, to accommodate the number of classes needed.  We continue to have a lot of really quality students, many of them going on to mission fields in different parts of Mexico and other Latin countries.  We have graduates in Ecuador and in Paraguay in South America, others in Mitla, Oaxaca serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, others in the Oaxaca City area, and several along the border and in other parts of Mexico.

Spanish school continues, having served more than 30 missions in many Spanish speaking countries and areas.

new Spanish school.JPG

Spanish School students doing children´s ministry in the village of Tetepelcingo.

SS students with children Tetepelcingo.jpeg

Dave also continues to teach Bible and Missiology in first and second year Bible school, helping equip the next generation of Mexican and Indigenous pastors and workers, and future Mexican missionaries to the nations.

Bible school class 2016.jpg

On our mission base we’re blessed to sow into younger lives too, those from Kindergarten through High School. The K-9 curriculum is bilingual, so our students are learning English as they study. For High School the students can continue in the bilingual school or opt for an all-Spanish curriculum. Several of our graduates are now studying medicine and other careers. Their bilinguality enables them to continue their studies in the US if desired. Dave has been asked to work with these schools as Superintendent, providing administration and encouragement to teachers and the 80+ students.


The local church in Cacalote has also gone through some transition this past year, and Bro. Duane prayed over a young missionary couple and Spanish school graduates, Matt and Crystal Mullin, a couple of months ago ordaining them as the new pastors of the church.  They have a real love for the people of Cacalote and are doing a great job.  Recently, about 80 children from the church and the community participated in a Children´s Camp called “Operation Samuel” held on the Missions Base which was a great success.  This is an annual camp, and I believe the total this year was about 700 children and youth that participated.

Matt Crystal Perla.JPG

We are also restarting the women´s program at the local church, and are reaching out to more of the women in the community.  Here is one woman’s story.

The young mother in the picture, Perla, came to our local town in a very difficult situation. She was pregnant, and she and her partner and her five year old boy began living in a house lent to them, but with almost nothing to set up household. We met the man she was with, Filegonio, when he came into the Clinic with a cut that was the result of trauma suffered when he had been drinking, so he wasn’t really sure how it happened.

We had the opportunity through that contact to minister to both of them, Perla and Filegonio, and Perla was the one who really responded. By the women from the church visiting her at home and trying to help with some basic needs, she began to open her heart with us about the reality of her situation, and we began to pray with her and encourage her. She was given a New Testament, and she began to read. She also began to come regularly to church, and after a few months she had read the entire New Testament, was convicted of her sin, and formed a plan to get out of a sinful situation. She was baptized, and moved back to her home village to live with her mom, taking her six year old and eight month old with her.

Perla is now attending a church in her small village, and doing well. She is just one of many women who suffer terrible situations, and who have a spiritual hunger and desire to get out, but they need help. They need instruction and attention, and we are seeking opportunities to minister to more of these women.


We are so grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support which enable us to continue the work here.

Here are a list of current students for whom we are raising support for this year:

Just finishing, and is now Doctor Morales!

Misael Marcial Morales.jpg

Melinda and Nohemí Sánchez García, sisters who are dental and medical students respectively, for whom the clinic is providing $150 USD per month for each of them toward their school expenses due to the generous donations of a supporting church.

Meli y Nohemi.jpg

Nursing student Reyna Nicolás Damián, a second year nursing student.  We have half of her support raised, but she will need $1,000 USD for her second semester by January, 2018.

Reyna Nicolas Damian.JPG

Martín Rodriguez Rojas, in his final year of high school.  He has worked in the clinic for the last 6 years.  He needs half support for his second semester -- $650 USD – by January.


Fua Luz Lopez, a first year high school student – needs support for her second semester, $1,000 USD, by January.

Fua Luz.JPG

And Garin Gómez, already mentioned in previous photos, a first year Bible School student, needs support for his second year of Bible School by September, $700 USD for the year.


Clinic projects needing support:

1) Finishing out the physician´s apartment and kitchen in the second floor of the clinic:  $2,300 USD needed.

Dr Dave people.jpg

2) Reapplying for the donation number needed from the Mexican government to be able to receive donations of medicine, medical supplies and equipment, and finances both from Mexican and US sources.  Approximately $2,500 USD needed for travel and legal fees to complete the process.

mission people adobe.gif

3) $1,200 increase in monthly general support for the clinic needed (paying salaries, purchasing meds, car maintenance, and other operating expenses).


We appreciate your praying with us over these needs, and if any of you feels led to give to any of these needs and projects, gifts may be given through PayPal or any other means listed on the support tab on this website. Either way your full gift will get to us for the designated project.  Thank you again so much for your support!

We appreciate you and pray for God’s richest blessings in every area of your lives!

In His Love,

David and Laura Nelson

Roca Blanca Mission Base, Oaxaca, Mexico


Posted by Barbara Wilson on
We love receiving your blog and think of you guys often. Ron is battling Brain cancer and is in the hospital now with a perforated bowel. He is slowly recovering and always wished he could have come back there to help out.
Posted by Curt Weaver on
Wow, what a letter. And what a year filled with God's blessings. It gives us great pleasure to know we're a part of such s great work God is doing through you guys. AWESOME STUFF. Love the Oscar story and how God is everywhere if we just pay attention. Thanks for being our heroes. We love you.

Curt and Marilyn
Posted by Lisa Arnold on
Missing you and Laura and all of the beautiful people of Oaxaca. Thank you for continuing to serve the King. Please keep sharing these updates. They help so much with knowing how to direct our prayers. I love the pictures, too!

Abundant blessings,
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