February 2014

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February 2014

Posted by david on February 28, 2014

Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus!  I'm sorry that it has taken so long to get a report out.  Things keep moving on, so we have a lot to report about in this blog!  Below are highlights from village trips that we have made over the last few months, and a few pictorial reports, also.

On October 21 - 23, 2013, the clinic staff and a group of students from the Spanish School made a trip to Mancuernas, and also to the towns of Lo de Candela, El Tamal, y Lagunillas.




A highlight of the trip for me was an experience of being burdened for the house where the young men live who are drug addicts.  I felt we should go by there before leaving, and the result was that almost all the young men gathered around to listen to us, and Bro. Jesus was able to lead 5 of the young men in prayer to receive Jesus into their hearts.  We found out that we were reaping where others had sown -- the son of the pastor over one of the missions we visited, who is also a student in the music school at Roca Blanca, has been working with one of the guys who lives at that house.  We found out that one of the young men had lost a son recently, and the student, Bismarc, was with him through that very hard time.  Please pray for these young men.

In December, we did a one day village trip to the town of Charco Redondo.  This town is a small village about 30 minutes off the highway after an hour or so drive.  There is a small group of believers there, and one of them is studying in the Bible School at Roca Blanca this year.  A pastor from a larger town has been visiting and pastoring the church up until now, but now the local believer who is preparing in Bible School this year will be able to take on that responsibility -- praise The Lord for the work of the Bible School on the base which prepares many young people each year to go back to their villages to extend the Kingdom of God there!

On Jan. 15th, we did a one day trip to the Loma Bonita church in Rio Grande.  The church is going through some transitions, and the clinic served to draw a large group of people from the neighborhood together and to have the opportunity to minister to them and to encourage them to come to the church.  We set up right in the church as we often do in the villages, and were able to offer general medical consults with Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness and paramedic Ralph Classen assisting Dr. Eder in the medical area, nurses Bertha, Jana, Jana, and Brianna helping in the clinic, intern Josie Roberts from Elim Bible School in upstate New York working alongside the doctors, and several students from the Spanish School and from the Bible School helping in different areas, including a massage therapist, Travis Whalen, who was able to help a number of patients with different types of pain.  I can't mention all the names, but we are grateful to all who worked hard to make this trip a success.



On Jan. 27th - 28th, we travelled to the village of El Maguey, a small village we had never worked in before, but there is a small mission there led by a young couple, the man having just graduated from our Bible School this past year.  They obtained a large roofed area with a cement floor and open sides for us to offer the clinic in.  Many patients came -- we attended a total of 155 patients in the two days, and 110 of those patients responded to the invitation to follow Christ!  The fields are truly ripe for harvest!  The pastor and his assistants in the church there (he has one other Bible School graduate with him) kept the lists of names of persons who had prayed to receive Christ and will be following up with them.  Praise God for allowing us to co-labor with Him!  Below is a picture of the group who worked in El Maguey last week (minus a few who had already loaded up in the cars). 











There were many sad cases in this town.  We found that many of the women are single moms -- a number of their husbands have gone to the United States or to another part of Mexico to work, some of them return and some do not.  One patient who touched our hearts who was a 7 year-old child who suffers from cerebral palsy.  He is being raised by his grandmother, because his mother was preeclamptic and died the day after his birth.  He has a wheelchair, which is a help, but cried a lot while he was with us.  Our team tried to console and love on him.  Below is a picture of one of the Spanish School students, Rob Hash, holding the little boy.  The grandmother seems to take good care of him, but has quite a challenge on her hands.  Specialized services for the handicapped are very hard to find in Mexico unless you are in the bigger cities.


Our next trip was on February 3rd and 4th to Jicayan, a Mixteco Indian village where there has been a church for a number of years, which now has several Bible School graduates working there.  It was a busy two days of consulting in the church there, with approximately 125 patients being seen, and a number of those praying to receive Christ.  Below are a few photos from the time in Jicayan.




We are preparing this week to make a trip to Ixtayutla, the high Mixteco region which is about a 5 hour drive from the missions base, to work in the towns of El Mosco with Pastor Miguel and Ixtayutla with the Pastora Carmelita.  This is an area of much physical, medical, and spiritual need.  We would appreciate your prayers for our time there, and also for safety on the roads traveling there.

We appreciate so much the financial and prayer support that you all give us in order for us to be able to continue working here in southern Mexico.  The work is the Lord's, and we are thankful that He allows us to be here and participate in what He's doing here.  May God bless each of you abundantly for all that you have sown into our ministry here.

We love and appreciate you all!

Dave and Laura