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January 2017

Posted by david on January 26, 2017

Medical Brigade/Spanish School Outreach in Tierra Blanca, Loxicha


We just returned from a great 2 days of outreach in the Zapotec town of Tierra Blanca, Loxicha. This was the first time that we have done a medical outreach in this town, and we joined forces with the Spanish School students who planned an outreach to the children of the town. We found the people very open. We worked with an Evangelical Church that was planted about 8 to 9 years ago, and is being pastored by a Zapotec pastor who lives right there and who hosted the outreach. Oscar Pacheco and his wife Gaby, Bible School graduates from Roca Blanca, pastor a sister church a few hours away that is sending a group of church member in monthly doing different types of ministry to strengthen the church in Tierra Blanca.

The last couple of days we saw approximately 170 patients in the clinic there, and many of those patients prayed to receive Christ and will receive follow-up by Pastors Oscar and Aquilino in their ongoing ministry in the town. There were so many children I didn´t try to count! My guess would be around 100. I just know they seemed to be having a fantastic time and drinking in the attention, love, and teaching given them by the students who went. A special treat was that one of the Spanish School students has a snow-cone machine, so he made snow-cones for all the kids, and that was a big hit! In the midst of all the fun of the children´s ministry, the real goal is to get the Word of God planted in those little hearts and see that Word bring forth fruit in their lives. We believe there will be much fruit from the seeds planted these last couple of days!

children Loxicha.gif

Dr. Dave Ness and Emily Davis with a patient in a consulting room made of sheets.gif

Dr. Dave Ness and Emily Davis with a patient in a consulting room made of sheets on the porch of the city hall.

Dr. Adriana and Cathie Lockwood giving dental care.gif

Dr. Adriana and Cathie Lockwood giving dental care.

In the clinic, we saw some cases of extreme need.  One was a teenager whom we will call Jorge.  He is 16 years of age.  Jorge was born with cerebral palsy and hydrocephaly (a condition in which fluid does not drain correctly which causes enlargement of the head), and he has been through two surgeries earlier to implant drains for the excess fluid.  He has developed convulsions which are now occurring about 8 times a day.  He is unable to talk, but has a beautiful smile and a quiet, sweet spirit.

His mother was quite distraught explaining to us that every door for help has seemed to close.  Other situations in the family life have left her quite frustrated and seemingly without hope, but still struggling to care for her son and other 3 children the best she can.the help that they need.  Both one of our American and one of our Mexican physicians became involved in evaluating and making an appropriate referral for the young man,, and the mother seemed to have a new outlook on things when she left.  We were able to help them with an offering for the bus fares to get in to see the specialist in the government hospital, and the government hospital should be able to do the follow up surgery (possibly implanting a new shunt) if that is needed.  Below is a picture of the family before they left.

The mother seemed to be greatly encouraged! 

help for convulsions.gif

Another case which touched my heart was a mother in her fourties with 2 children at home.  She came in with stomach problems for almost a year.  She weighed only 36 kilos (about 79 pounds) – a very tiny person – and when I learned that her husband had left 10 years ago to go seek work in another part of Mexico and never returned, I asked her if she worked to support herself and her children.  She said yes, that she gathers firewood to sell and goes out to harvest coffee beans.  She leaves her house at 5:00 am to begin her work day, and has a 15 year old and 11 year old that she is working hard to support.  I could not even picture her as tiny and weak as she seemed gathering wood, but then I am often amazed at what people in the villages here do to get by.  Some of her symptoms sounded like gall bladder disease, so we were able to help her with medications for her symptoms and also with a referral and an offering to help her get the testing and treatment she needs.  She was so grateful that she almost cried, and she gave me a big hug when I gave her the offering.  I had tears in my eyes also thinking about her life and how she must suffer.

What a privilege it is to be able to proclaim the Good News of Christ to people in these situations. Christ gives hope to the hopeless, both for this life and for the life to come.

We are so very grateful to each of you for your faithful support that makes possible what we do here. May God bless you abundantly and meet your every need as you have sown into the expansion of His Kingdom and meeting the needs of His people here in southern Mexico!

Update on the Spanish School and Clinic Expansion Construction Projects

When we were in the States in August, we shared with many of you about the construction projects going on to expand the work of the clinic and to accommodate more students in the Spanish School. We had asked for prayer that the Spanish School could be ready by September 5th to receive the large class of Spanish School students coming in.  We are happy to report that it the new Spanish School building was completed in time!!  It was just under the line, but we made it!  The new classrooms were ready to go on September 5th!  The extra space in the new facility makes a great difference, and the teachers and students are enjoying the nice classrooms.  Some of the details were lacking in September (outside finishing and painting), but that has now been completed, and a picture of the new building is below.  Praise the Lord for His provision and for making this possible!

SS new and old.jpg

In the clinic, our deadline for completing at least a few of the rooms for housing on the second floor of the clinic expansion was January 3rd when a group of nursing students from Oklahoma Baptist University were due to come stay in those rooms. Praise the Lord, we were able to furnish the rooms that were needed the day before their arrival! It was exciting to be able to house our first group in the new facility. Below is a photo of the front of the new Clinic Expansion. We moved all of medical and dental care into the new facility on the first floor in October of 2015, and we are now beginning to use the second floor as it is still being completed. We hope in the next few months to have the funds and be able to completely finish out the second floor.

Many thanks to Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness who have headed up the fund-raising for the building and to all of you who have invested in the Clinic Expansion. It is the result of the gifts and help of many people, and we are grateful to each of you!

new Clinic January 2017.gif

There are many other things I would love to share from the last few months, but I think time and space will only allow me to give a brief summary of some other happenings.

  • In October, the clinic and Spanish School did a medical brigade and children’s ministry in the town of Lo de Candela, near the border of Guerrero. The people of this town are principally of African descent, but have acculturated into the Mexican culture here over the years. It was a great time of giving medical care and evangelism among the patients and the children.
  • In October, we were able to send 4 patients for cataract surgery in the state of Veracruz thanks to the ministry of Dr. Tom Robinson from Louisiana who comes and brings a team to do the surgeries free of charge, and the ministry of Dr. Terry Elder who provided for the transportation to get the patients to the surgical campaign. All had very good outcomes.
  • In November, we held a medical brigade and children’s outreach in Tetepelcingo, a very poor Mixtec village.
  • We now have a Mexican ophthalmologist who is coming to the Corban Clinic every 2 months to offer exams and treatment for eye patients, and she will be able to provide surgeries for some of the patients needing them in her private clinic a few hours from here.
  • We had asked prayers from some of you for a good friend of ours, Eli, who had her baby on November 14th by cesarean section. She had a number of complications and was so critical that they had called her family in to say goodbye to her because they thought they were not going to be able to control her hemorrhage. Many were praying, and God intervened and has brought her through after several other complications to complete health again. We praise God for Eli’s life and for healing her! Below is a picture of Eli with her baby and her mother. This is taken at a small restaurant and house that her parents have on the beach.

Eli and Salomon.gif

  • We want to thank everyone who has prayed for Laura’s brother, Ben, who also has been in serious condition after a car accident and several complications from the accident.  We are so thankful that we are seeing the answers to those prayers now as he is greatly improved.
  • In December we have continued construction in the Corban Clinic, both David and Laura teaching in the Bible School (this is the school period in which Laura gives a health class), Spanish School finished another term and has begun the January term now, and the clinic has been preparing for a number of teams coming during the months of January through March.
  • We are very thankful for Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness and Bertha Guild arriving safely on January 9th and being here to work with us in the clinic through late March.  They are a tremendous blessing to us each year and we are so thankful for them!
  • We also received 2 clinic interns from New Life Fellowship in Houston, Texas, premed graduates preparing to enter med school who will be serving with us from January 3rd until May 3rd, Caleb Shin and Lisa Yun.  Thank you, Caleb and Lisa, for coming and serving!
  • We received 2 teams of nursing students, one from Oklahoma Baptist University and one from Chico State University in California, Jan. 3rd through 13th and had a great time of health teaching here in Cacalote and of teaching and mobile clinics out in 2 Mixtec villages.  We are grateful for their coming!

Below are pictures of their giving preventive health teachings to the people in Cacalote.

Oklahoma Baptist University students teaching about diabetes.gif

Oklahoma Baptist University students with Matt Mullins giving a health teaching to an adult group about diabetes.

Chico State University students teaching the women.gif

Chico State University students teaching the women.

Thank you so much to each of you who have prayed, given financially, come to help, or have encouraged and helped us in other ways. A verse the Lord has reminded me of many times recently is from Proverbs – “He who waters will himself be watered”, Prov. 11:25. You all have watered blessings on our ministry, and we pray that God will rain down blessings on your lives in whatever area you need it right now. We love and appreciate you!

Dave and Laura


Posted by Luisa Arnoldo on
Thank you for the update! God is so good!
Posted by Luisa Arnoldo on
Thank you for the update! God is so good!
Posted by Curt Weaver on
Dave and Laura;

Thanks for the updates. You're
a blessing to anyone in your reach.
God's not done, we're not done.

Love You both;
In His Power and Grace;

Curt and Marilyn
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