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June 2013

Posted by david on June 25, 2013

This blog will be somewhat different from what you're used to hearing from us. You may have noticed that we rarely make overt appeals for funds, although, obviously, the need for support for the Clinic overhead, salaries, medicines, travel, etc., are constant and often short of what we could really use to advance. We use it all every month, using it as frugally but liberally as possible! We know that you as Christians receive a barrage of worthy appeals by mail, email, Internet, and phone! We don't wish to add to that barrage, but Laura and I have a very specific need to present for your consideration, a need that we're hoping can be met without prejudicing the regular work of the Clinic, Spanish and Bible schools, and all else that we're blessed to be a part of.

Mexican law tells us that once a car's owner has immigrant resident status here then it is illegal to own a car with US plates. Laura has had her resident immigrant status for a while now, and mine will be given to me at the end of this year. That necessitates a trip to Laredo, Texas, the point at which we drove our car over the border five years ago, in order to remove our Mississippi plated car officially from Mexico.

So, in our case, by December in order to have a car here it has to have a Mexico registration, tag, etc.  That can be done by purchasing one here or by nationalizing one from the States. The process of nationizing a car is all done at the border, and an importation tax is levied.

Our 2004 Chevy Trailblazer has been a great car for us, extra long for eight passengers or for transporting medicines and supplies, and four wheel drive for our interesting roads and mountain travels. Even though it was in a flood, with water up to the steering wheel, the first year here, the repairs and maintenance have been reasonable. We believe that it's worth keeping, and therefore would like to nationalize it. Here it is in 2008 before driving it down into Mexico. It had 31,000 miles then, and now has 103,000, but, except for a bit of wear, still looks the same!


This August Laura and I will be coming to the States for a few weeks to visit family and supporters. Dr. Eder has offered to go with us to the border, do all the leg work to nationalize our car, and then drive it back home for us. From Laredo, Texas Laura and I will fly to Oklahoma, then to Mississippi, Minnesota, and Miami before returning back home to Mexico.

Some of the process will be done (partial payment, records copied and sent) from here before we hit the road, but ultimately the trip's got to be made! It's a shame that there isn't a legal way to do this transaction without all the travel and driving. The importation cost of our car should be approximately $1,350. There's also the travel expense, mostly gas and tolls, for the 56 hours of driving to the border and back, probably right at $1,500 or so. This trip has to be made to lawfully remove the car from Mexico, whether we were to nationalize the car or not! And we couldn't begin to find a car like ours here for the extra $1,350 that it then should cost to nationalize it.

Our ability to express our gratitude to those who enable us to work here is hampered by the limitations of language to adequately express it! But grateful we certainly are, to many of you and to the Lord who sends. Would you consider whether this particular time sensitive need might be one that you could invest in?

Thank you, and may God's sweet fragrance characterize your offering of love! Until next time...

Dave and Laura


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